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It has been a long time since I didn’t post anything on my blog… more than 4 months to be exact. If you are following me on Twitter, if not, please do https://twitter.com/keyaertc, you already know that these 4 months were really busy.

  • In August, I was in Switzerland to speak at System Center Universe.
  • In September I was in Las Vegas to speak at IT/Dev Connections.
  • End of October I will fly to Seattle for the Microsoft MVP Summit
  • Finally, on November 19th, I will be in the Netherlands to speak at Experts Live (http://www.expertslive.nl/)

The recordings of my sessions at SCU and IT/Dev Connections are not yet available, but I would like to already share with you my slide decks.

System Center Universe/ IT Dev Connections: WAP and ASR – Better Together

D1 – Part 1 – Tenant Portal Presentation

D1 – Part 2 – HSP ASR Presentation + Failover

D1 – Part 3 – Tenant Azure Portal Presentation

D2 – Part 1 – VMM and ASR Configuration

D2 – Part 2 – Plan Configuration

D2 – Part 3 – Runbook Execution

IT DEV Connections: Azure Site Recovery, the Enterprise-Scale Disaster Recovery solution for your Hyper-V, VMware and Physical servers

Demo 1 – Part 1 – Infrastructure Deployment

Demo 1 – Part 2 – ASR Protection and recovery

Demo 2 – Part 1 – Infrastructure deployment

Demo 2 – Part 2 – ASR Protection

See you soon for another post 😉


About Christopher Keyaert

Christopher Keyaert is a Consultant, focused on helping partners to leverage the System Center and Microsoft Azure cloud platform. He is also a Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP) for Cloud and Data Center Management and a Microsoft Certified Trainer (MCT).
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