SCOM – Health Service Watcher removal

To remove a Management server from a SCOM infrastructure, there is a great article available on TechNet:

The problem, even you followed all the steps from TechNet, remove the management server from the SCOM administration…. is that the Health Service Watcher of the MS you just removed is still present and is in a Critical State.

/!\ Unsupported method, use it at your own risk, call MS Premier Support if you need to remove the Health Service Watcher /!\

To remove this, no other choice than going remove it from the OpsBD. Connect to the DB, replace the Displayname value by the FQDN of the MS your just removed and run the following query:

from BaseManagedEntity where fullname like
and DisplayName like


We could see that the isDeleted value is equal to 0.

We need to set this value to 1 but running the following query:

update BaseManagedEntity set IsDeleted = 1 where fullname like
and DisplayName like


A few rows have been affected, which is totally the result expected.


We could double check that the value of the IsDeleted is well at 1 now.



If we go back to the SCOM Console, we could see that the Health Service Watcher from our old MS has been deleted.


Remember, this is unsupported J




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