Azure Operational Insights: Connect to another subscription / management group

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A few days ago, I had to reinstall a complete new SCOM infrastructure in a lab environment. All the servers part of this lab were already connected to an existing SCOM Management group, which was connected to a Microsoft Azure Operational Insights subscription. To remove the existing SCOM management group configuration to these servers, I used the script from my friend Bob

The new SCOM infrastructure has been connected to a brand new Azure Ops Insights subscription. So I started to deploy the SCOM agents from the new SCOM infrastructure to the existing servers…. No big deal, Agent deployment worked perfectly….but, when I checked my SCOM Console, I saw the following alerts for all my monitored servers:

Event Description: This computer has already enabled the Advisor Connector in a different Management Group. The Advisor Connector only supports one OM Management Group.

This alert is coming from this event on the monitored servers:

It means that even if I removed the previous SCOM management group configuration from the agent, the configuration from the previous Ops Insights subscription was still there.

To change that, on each monitored computer, I had to remove the existing Ops Insights configuration. For that go to the following registry key: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\System Center Operations Manager\12\Advisor

Double click on the RegisterToManagementGroup entry and delete the Value data field. Let the value empty and click on OK.

I stopped the Microsoft Monitoring Agent service.

I deleted the Health Service State folder from the Microsoft Monitoring Agent.

I started the Microsoft Monitoring Agent server.


After a few minutes, I saw that the Ops Insights (Advisor) configuration has been downloaded correctly J

When I went back to the registry, I saw that the RegisterToManagmeentGroup value has been updated with the ID of my new Ops Insights subscription.

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