SCOM: Failed to send notification over SIP protocol

If you already implemented the IM notification system between SCOM and Lync, you certainly saw the alert below a lot of time. Each time that an alert is raised in SCOM, an IM will be sent to the user via SIP (Lync, ….). Now, if SCOM sends the notification message when the user is offline, the IM will not be delivered and the alert below is raised.

This alert is used for all the notifications problems that could happen (Mail, IM, SMS,…) and cannot be easily fine-tuned by an override. The only way to get rid of this alert about IM notification when an user is offline, it’s to completely disable this “Failed to send through device alerting rule” and recreate a new one with a more advanced filter.

Step 1: Disable the “Failed to send through device alerting rule” rule.
Step 2: Create a new rule with the confirmation below

Rule Type > Alert Generating Rules > Event Based > Nt Event Log (Alert).
Select a management pack and click on Next.

Specify the Rule Name and Description. As Rule Category, select Alert and Alert Notification Subscription Server as Rule Target.

As log name, specify: Operations Manager.

Configure the filer parameters as below:

  • Event ID equals 31503
  • Event Source equals Health Service Modules
  • Parameter 1 equals $Target/ManagementGroup/Name$
  • Parameter 5 does not equal sip


Use the following Alert Description:

Notification subsystem failed to send notification using device/server ‘$Data/Params/Param[6]$’ over ‘$Data/Params/Param[5]$’ protocol to ‘$Data/Params/Param[7]$’. $Data/Params/Param[8]$: $Data/Params/Param[9]$. Rule id: $Data/Params/Param[2]$

Click on Alert Suppression button and use the following settings.


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