System Center 2012 Update Rollup 3 : Which files must I install ?

Hi Guys,

As you probably noticed, Microsoft released some days ago, the System Center 2012 Update Rollup 3. This UR3 contains fixes for :

  • Data Protection Manager 2012
  • Operations Manager 2012
  • Service Manager 2012.

All the information are available :

To install this UR3 to your existing System Center 2012 environment, you basically have 2 choices :

  • Windows update
  • Manual Download and Manual installation.

If you choose the second approach, for example Operations Manager, you will have the following files :

OM Reporting

OM WebConsole

OM Console

Which files do I have to install in my environment ? What are the differences between these files ?
In fact, each of these files are for each different languages/locales installation. if your Operations Manager 2012 environment is in English, you have to choose the following files :

Component Architecture Language Appended GUID
Console amd 64 English 755b85ba494fa5c83ca31cf40d38be5d6d0551ef
Console x86 English 74b1593272d3c45ca7a98b2a3e0d8dc2c3f795d6
Reporting amd 64 English 8043cc39d79514d1e633b645063100c136cf1f92
Web Console amd 64 English 2ef77d6ea1080b83c10351001dc13bf7e6977b7a

For the other products and languages, you could wait for Microsoft to update the KB, which must happen really soon ( or you could use Microsoft Update which will download automatically the right files.

I would like to thank you Laura Cruz from Microsoft to clarify the situation.


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Christopher Keyaert is a Consultant, focused on helping partners to leverage the System Center and Microsoft Azure cloud platform. He is also a Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP) for Cloud and Data Center Management and a Microsoft Certified Trainer (MCT).
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6 Responses to System Center 2012 Update Rollup 3 : Which files must I install ?

  1. Tom Vergauwen says:

    Hey Christopher, the appende guid of the web console is wrong…
    need to be: 2ef77d6ea1080b83c10351001dc13bf7e6977b7a
    I just tested and this one wroks.

  2. Hi Jose,

    From the news that I received from Microsoft, this will not happen anymore and the locales/languages will be clearly indicate in the file-names for the next UR release.


  3. Jose Fehse says:

    Hi Christopher, please remove my reply. I don’t want to sound cranky. I’ve extracted all the msps and installed them ok. Just think Microsoft should be more careful with the info they publish. Having to figure out the right files to extract the MSPs from the Guid is not very smooth.

    Thank you,

    Jose Fehse

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