Orchestrator 2012 : Kelverion IP – problem with the update activity

Hi Guys,

I recently worked on a project for creating a connection between Operations Manager 2007 (SCOM) and BMC Remedy. As we have Orchestrator 2012 in place, we will use the Kelverion IP (http://www.kelverion.com/).

This integration pack use the BMC Remedy Web Service, it’s quite easy to configure. Everything was working as expected, excepted the Update Request activity.


The field was well updated in Remedy but the activity always returned with a failed status :


Failed to execute 'Set' operation. Sequence contains no elements
Exception: RemedyServiceException
Target site: ExceptionFactory.SetException
Stack trace:
   at Kelverion.BMC.Remedy.Web.WebCore.ExceptionFactory.SetException(Exception cause)
   at Kelverion.BMC.Remedy.Web.WebCore.RemedyService.Set(IEnumerable`1 values)
   at Kelverion.BMC.Remedy.Domain.DomainCore.UpdateRequestCommand.DoExecute()
   at Kelverion.BMC.Remedy.Domain.DomainCore.ExecuteContext.ExecuteActivity(UpdateRequestActivity activity)
   at Kelverion.BMC.Remedy.Activities.UpdateRequestActivity.Execute(IExecuteContext context)
   at Kelverion.BMC.Remedy.Activities.RemedyActivity.Execute(IActivityRequest request, IActivityResponse response)

In fact, the response returned from the Set operation does not contain any fields.

The Kelverion Support Team haven’t seen this before as in Remedy v7.1, 7.5 & 7.6 there is always a field returned.  This appears to be a Remedy version 7.01 web service anomaly.

The solution is quite simple, in the configuration of the Set operations of the Remedy Web Service, just return a field. In our case, we configured the Remedy Web Service to return the Incident_Number. Don’t forget to delete your cache : Orchestrator 2012 / Kelverion IP : Remedy Web Service Reference Cache


And after that the Update activity from the Kelverion Integration Pack is now returning a Success Smile


I would like to thank Greg Charman from the Kelverion Support Team for his contribution.



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